Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'Nuke their ass, take their gas'

I remain wholly unconvinced that John McCain knows what a website is, but -- assuming that he does -- I am pretty sure that this is exactly how he would have designed the one for his 2008 presidential campaign had all those overpaid strategists and consultants not gotten in the way and diluted his message.


  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Angry McCain is an easy target, but he's always good for a laugh.

    The truly f'ed up thing is that The Noble Democrats are following the nuke their ass, take their gas strategy too. Barry O'Barmy has made quite a few nuke-related threats, as has Swillary Scylla Charybdis Rodham Clinton.

    All options are on the table

    brayed the Noble Donkey!

  2. I am not aware if you have been able to hear McCain's beautiful campaigning for re-election in Arizona, but I find it chuckle-able. Imagine if every word he said during his concession speech were the exact opposite when in regards to supporting the USA and its current President. With that in mind, you can clearly hear his goofy and shifty campaign ads in your head.
    Thanks for blogging!
    -A Sad Phoenician

  3. Al Schumann9:33 AM

    I considered myself the “intake manifold to the Kingdom of God”

  4. Al Schumann9:46 AM

    The man is a genius. He's the “intake manifold to the Kingdom of God”, he knows how to work the state for his personal benefit and he wants to destroy liberalism.

    When I look at the pugnacious face, I see Democratic Congressmen stretched out on the floor, moaning from the pain of a head butt, delivered as only a follower of Jesus can deliver it.

    He's horrible, really, but he's got the right stuff.

  5. I wonder if he'd "give the bullets first" to an agent of the government if said agent came for his guns decked out in camo with a flag patch on his sleeve?

  6. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Taken from his 'immigration reform' page:

    "Content Comming Soon

    But for now its Adios Amigos"


  7. I like the superfluous heading: "cartoons."

  8. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Don't confuse Harley D. Brown's campaign slogan ("Nuke Their Ass, Take Their Gas") with former Idaho Senator Larry Craig's slogan ("Nuke Their Gas, Take Their Ass").