Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Interview with Scott Ritter

When Scott Ritter spoke at the Coronado Democratic Club I got the chance to sit down and ask him some questions regarding a return of the draft, the possibility of bombing Iran, and who, if anyone, the anti-war movement should support in November '06.You can read the interview by clicking here. It is also running over at AlterNet, and you can read it there by clicking this link.

Scott Ritter Speaks to the Coronado Democratic Club

On April 20th former chief United Nations weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, spoke to the Democratic Club of Coronado, CA. My account of the evening for the 4/27/06 issue of The Vista is available here.

21st Annual Linda Vista Multi-Cultural Fair

This is my accout of the Linda Vista Multi-Cultural Fair in San Diego, CA for the 4/27/06 issue of The Vista. You can read it here.

Op/Ed: Why do so many Americans Hate America?

Here is an Op/Ed that I wrote for the 4/20/06 issue of The Vista. It is available here and also over at Strike-the-Root.

Monday, April 03, 2006

"Afghanistan Unveiled" Reveals Life After Taliban

This is my account of a March 29th event at the Institute for Peace & Justice sponsored by the San Diego-based group, Voices of Women. The event featured a 2003 documentary, "Afghanistan Unveiled," which followed a group of young women as they travelled around the country in the wake of the United States-led invasion. Following was a discussion session about the film as well as the current situation on the ground in Afghanistan.

  • The article appeared in the 4/6/06 edition of The Vista and it can be read by clicking here.