Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bradley Manning exposed atrocities -- and liberalism

More than three years into the presidency of Barack Obama, it’s almost a cliché now to ask: What if George W. Bush did it? From dramatically escalating the war in Afghanistan to institutionalizing the practice of indefinite imprisonment, Obama has dashed hopes he would offer a change from the Bush’s national security policies – but he hasn’t faced a whole lot of resistance from liberals who once decried those policies as an affront to American values.

Like those on the right who now crow about fascism but spent the Bush years gleefully declaring left-wing celebrities “enemies of the state,” many of those on the liberal-left treat issues of war and civil liberties as useful merely for partisan purposes. When a Democrat’s in power those issues become inconvenient. And usually ignored.

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  1. Dorothy11:54 AM

    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you saying what I have been saying over and over and over to a brick wall of Obamapologists for over three years. Not just about Manning but about all the crimes committed by Obama and Co. that are the same crimes that were committed by the Bush Crime Family, although some by Obama are even more insidious. It is scary to see how easy it is to fool the very same people who were irate over the Bush policies and to know that for any real positive change to take place we need vast numbers of citizens rising up against the atrocities With their refusing to look at the realities, the Obamapologists are complicit in not only the crimes being committed in their name, but in propping up a corporatist state, better known as fascism.

    1. joe harris9:00 PM

      Read once a reply from one character to another within the story line upon the claim of one about being liberal in their thinking that "Liberals have been the greatest bigots in history because while they stand - supposedly - for their fellows, they do not trust their fellows to be able to make their own choices...thinking only they could know what is best for their fellows and society." That's not a exact quote, but the gist is there. I have never considered myself a liberal - but neither am I a conservative...to be honest the terms are lies and have lost whatever meaning they once had. Remember - 'Monopolies' can be shared by 2 entities....exactly as it is in American politics. I've always been after truth...perhaps the most difficult path to be chosen by anyone here in the USA. Of course the more I learn the more unbelieving I become - hard to keep faith in a world run by such people. Poor Bradley...I know where the kids heart was and can imagine the suffering being witness to such atrocities can inflict on a man even just in the reading. I am starting to come to the belief that things can only be turned around by some great violent upheaval from the ground up. Its hard to know what a regular man can do to help the likes of Bradley...but if someone can give some guidance I'd be glad to do it. Thank you.