Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Liberal blogger denounces violent rhetoric, hints at murdering Fred Phelps

As a sensible, mainstream liberal Democrat, "progressive blogger/activist" Howie Klein must of course view every tragedy through a strictly partisan lens. So, naturally, he knows, damn it, that Sarah Palin is directly responsible for the massacre in Arizona carried out by the crazed Jared Loughner. Indeed, like other good partisans, he knew it before the bodies in Tuscon were even cold (just as he knew Loughner must be a Ron Paul devotee -- you know, that crazy Texan who opposes all those humanitarian wars carried out by our liberal, Nobel Peace Prize-winning president).

This being the glorious age of social media, Klein, like other painfully plugged-in progressives sickened by violent political rhetoric -- but not so much by violent acts embraced by their favorite politicians -- took to Twitter to snarkily pronounce his verdict, with a series of 140 character insights like this one:

So, one must wonder, how completely unaware, how absolutely devoid of self-consciousness, must one be to write things like the above -- accusing one's political foes of inciting their followers to commit murder through the power of hyperbolic rhetoric -- while seeing nothing unseemly about posting something like this?

It's a rhetorical question.


  1. Not that I'm sticking up for this doorknob, but, in all fairness, a lot of Teabagger types and other nutbars were making all kinds of bellicose noises during the Sept. '09 DC March and at the Town Hell out in Reston -- while, in the meantime, the Democrats cringed and brayed, "Please, don't hurt us!". My fellow samizdat news posse members and I were making theoretical bets on when some crazed Teabagger -- or some garden-variety crazy person -- was going to pull some shit.

    I'll never forget the guys from Montana at the Sept.'09 march carrying signs with silhouettes of AR15's, M16's, AK's, etc crudely drawn on them with Sharpies, and the miraculously-properly-spelled message THIS TIME WE CAME UNARMED.

    The Liberals' whining, though, still bugs me even more, because I still remember Clinton, Albright, and Yugoslavia. "Diplomacy", my ass; that goddamn' old hag was flat-out talking smack at that country like an old gangster broad. And, don't get me started on Somalia; I recall Clinton being quoted as saying that it was too bad they didn't all have CNN in the Sudan, so they could see what to expect.

    (my verification word: trangedi.)

  2. Only unjust violence is bad. Clearly Phred Phelps has it coming. Oh, also the citizens of afghanistan, violators of national drug policy, crossers of borders and other such riff-raff.

  3. I agree. Howie Klein has been very disturbing as of late. There was one post in particular, which I can't find right now, where ended that he really hoped someone would shoot Glenn Beck (or Sarah Palin or someone equivalent) in the head.

    I stopped following him on twitter. I'm glad it isn't just me that noticed. Digby still seems to be friends with this guy but she seems to be blind at how insane with rage he is becoming, at least online. He may be completely different in person.

  4. Let's see this bastard give some examples of liberal violence when Bush illegally invaded Iraq. We protested, but we didn't murder anyone, or fly planes into buildings.