Monday, January 10, 2011


Why won't the media hold Barack Obama responsible for inciting his followers to commit grave acts of violence?

Photo Credit: Minnesota Public Radio


  1. Great job, Charles.

    Amazing how Uncle O's pwogs are getting off on their own self-righteousness regarding the Arizona dead, while ignoring the droned dead on a daily basis.

    This tool in particular, our own anti-Bill Hicks:

    Keep up the great blog.

  2. it is all about liberals, Democrats and progressives seeking to consolidate a monopoly upon the use of violence

  3. tarzie6:22 PM

    I say we ignore mass murders until the troops come home.

  4. I say we ignore mass murders until the troops come home.

    Or -- or! -- we can give the much more frequent overseas mass murders ordered by liberal presidents, say, 1/10th the coverage we give domestic mass murders carried out by socially alienated loners.

    Progressive bloggers could start by acknowledging the former's existence and pretending to care about it.

  5. tarzie11:00 PM

    You make a worthy point.

    I guess I am just reacting to everyone using this incident as a springboard to make political points, the range for which seems to be banal-self-serving-authoritarian.

    I guess I'm sayiin' that this incident has made me sick of just about everyone who considers him/herself a political creature. Everybody is so damn predictable. Robot politics for powerless humans.