Monday, March 22, 2010

A lesson for Afghans from the healthcare debate

(credit: AP)
The Great Victory over the health insurance lobby now achieved with Congress' passage of a bill that mandates you buy the industry's products, inexplicably popular progressive blogger Matt Yglesias tells us "Barack Obama will go down in history as one of America’s finest presidents" -- barring, that is, some sort of "unrelated fiasco that mars his reputation" (presumably this means "blow job," not "unprovoked and illegal act of military aggression"). Democrats now in power, the victims of the U.S. government's imperial agenda of course no longer serve as useful fodder for the professional liberal class in Washington -- you can't blame their deaths on a bumbling and unpopular Texan, after all -- with Yglesias acting as if Obama's reputation has not already been stained with the blood of his drone strikes and the obsequious partisans at Daily Kos, who once upon time penned tedious 3,000-word jeremiads denouncing George Bush and the GOP for their killing of innocents abroad, now spending most of their days mocking Glenn Beck and praising their historic leader's historic-ness, happily relegating his illegal wars and troop surges to the dark recesses of their fawning, feverish minds.

To regain liberal sympathy, I offer a suggestion: the victims of Obama's wars in Afghanistan, PakistanYemenSomalia and Iraq should seek to qualify their respective nationalities as preexisting conditions. Or move to Darfur.


  1. Amazing isn't it that Obama's bumbles - HCR will be ready by the summer 2009, no the early Fall, no it'll be done by Xmas - are now seen as a brilliant discretionary strategy. Jeez he's only just now taken ownership of the damn thing. Ah well a successful politician really only needs to be lucky once to be hailed as brilliant & Obama had fallen face first into too many cow paddies for even the fates to justify. As for the so-called progressive pundits, aka bloggers, I'd only thought conscious spontaneous orgasm occurred within the confines of the Penthouse form pages, but having a look around at TPM, etc., etc. I guess it happens naturally for a given subset of punditeers

  2. Dropping an f-bomb is more newsworthy than dropping the real thing.