Friday, November 16, 2012

God hates Russell Brand

Before the show, Steve Drain of the Westboro Baptist Church asked me just how long I'd been working on BrandX with Russell Brand as I led him from his car to the bare-bones green room we were sticking him in until the taping started.

"Since the beginning," I replied.

"Oh, cool man," Drain said, appearing completely genuine. "That's cool."

And then he went on TV:



  1. I had Tim Phelps on my radio network last year. He was so narrow-minded, and eventually hung up on the show. However, we had also booked Nate Phelps, the brother who ran from the family when hew as 18, & has never returned He's still considered as going to hell by his family because he doesn't adhere to their beliefs. It was a gripping 2 hours. (I played producer that night, as the show was hosted by a friend of mine.)

  2. I was waiting for some Geraldo-esque chair throwing to ensue.

  3. Scoobydoo6:43 AM

    Man, the homophobia was over the top. It would probably be better for these guys to just come out of the closet.