Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Yes, but what about Mitt Romney?

I guess my biggest problem with liberal pundits these days is their single-minded, almost religious focus on the issues that matter -- to the exclusion of almost everything else. Wherever you turn, it's always systemic injustice this or bipartisan embrace of extrajudicial murder that.

It's like, I get that the United States has placed more than 2.3 million human beings in rape cages thanks largely to a Democrat and Republican-approved racist war on the poor that takes the guise of fighting narcotics, but do we really have to dwell on it so much? Yeah, innocent people are being murdered every day as part of a war on terror that no one outside of the Washington, DC, suburbs thinks is doing anything but manufacturing even more terror, but what, for instance, does Mitt Romney's lunch order tell us about who may be his pick for a running mate? And do we even have any good jokes ready to go based on that selection? (If it's a dude, I suggest digs about same-sex couples are in order.)

And I haven't heard from Sarah Palin in a few weeks. Has any writer for The American Prospect even bothered to check her Twitter feed lately? It's time those of us on the left got our priorities straight.


  1. We may have made the mistake of trying to help drug addicts (anyone colored/poor caught with drugs) by imprisoning them, but this war has enabled us to help Central and South America, and now all of Africa, too! It's not all bad.

    Remember the Supreme Court! Tax forms! Also, why do you love Mormons/hate black people?

  2. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Ghandi cuddled. Sarah Palin ate at Chik-Fil-A.

  3. Wasn't there a time when Elias Isquith wasn't a tool? Didn't he even flirt with anarchism?

  4. Tarzie,

    There was a time when Elias seemed to be less caught up in the partisan horserace stuff. Unlike the other two I lumped him in with, though, I think there's still hope for him yet. We need to help him through this trying time.

  5. So many progressive/Lefty dudes saw Palin as their ticket to vent some amazingly creepy sexist garbage in public, and in public forums. I learned in a hurry to dread that at least as much as I dreaded whatever she was doing or saying.

    I really, really hope her fifteen minutes are finally up at this point.

  6. "I really, really hope her fifteen minutes are finally up at this point."

    And with state fair phallic corn dog season coming and going without Michelle Bachmann, liberal misogynists must be feeling very frustrated. The ghost of that repository of pure evil, Ayn Rand, just isn't cutting it for them.