Friday, June 01, 2012

Obama expands the war on Iran

In May 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported:
WASHINGTON—The Pentagon has concluded that computer sabotage coming from another country can constitute an act of war, a finding that for the first time opens the door for the U.S. to respond using traditional military force.
In June 2012, the New York Times reported:
WASHINGTON — From his first months in office, President Obama secretly ordered increasingly sophisticated attacks on the computer systems that run Iran’s main nuclear enrichment facilities, significantly expanding America’s first sustained use of cyberweapons, according to participants in the program.
It's a damn good thing the super-sophisticated doctrine of American exceptionalism holds that it's okay for us to do things -- like use and stockpile nuclear weapons -- denied nations with smaller militaries, otherwise someone might well accuse the Obama administration of rank hypocrisy.

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