Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Mr. Fish


  1. Over the summer I saw some guy at a party wearing a t-shirt that said: "Join the marines...visit strange, exotic unique, interesting people...and kill them."

    I thought a good counter-slogan might be: "Join the marines...go get yourself blown to pieces in some place you never heard of so some asshole politician can get re-elected."

  2. Brian Drake8:46 PM

    BTW, my Colombian friend would go ape-shit to see it spelled "Columbia".

    Of course, the point of the pic/poster is dead on. Perhaps the misspelling was intentional to further underscore the fact that the average American couldn't give a shit about knowing anything about the people they murder and rule over. "Colombia, Columbia... Who cares? If thay ain't 'Merican, then screw 'em."