Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Note to self

Stop using the phrase "abuse of state power." It's inaccurate. What I mean to say is "use of state power."


  1. Obama. Ads. Please make them stop, Charles. Please...

  2. Click on 'em. It'll cost his campaign money.

  3. jcapan8:35 PM

    Makes me think of State shilling for Boeing. Soft or hard, virtually all our power is exercised to advance the interests of huge multinational corps. Benefits to average Americans, whatever murderous policies are necessary abroad to feed the beast--of no consequence whatsoever.

    What we need are a few million Thoreaus. Thank jeebus my tax $ don't fund the beast anymore. It also pains me that Obama ads have no pop abroad.

  4. Obama's Inaugural was the pinnacle for State Power as a Brand in the United States. Obama was a winning brand. The state shared their love for him with the masses. He's exceeded their every wish in expanding state power(security, defense expenditures, interventions). He's done it by forging alliances between corporate cartels, TBTF banks, and the government.(ACA, Trade Deals, GM bail out, TARP2, HAMP, increased Defense spending).

    The Brand(in every sense) is now tarnished. War Contractors, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds and Media Conglomerates will lavish President Obama with over a billion dollars to help resurrect the Brand's past glory. Who else could compete? The playing field belongs to the best Brand.

    The ads will be ubiquitous as US flags after 9-11. "They've only just begun.."....

    *Mr. Davis,

    Pardon me picking low hanging fruit but...you need to work on your "Ab"'s.


  5. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Normally I like economic wording, but I'd like to suggest a variant.

    "Use of the state's power, which is always abusive."

    Redundant, I know. Ancient papyrus worship school teaches the belt-and-suspenders approach to avoid loopholes.

  6. Charlie Davis,

    I like much of what you write. I also note with some curiosity that you call yourself "progressive" instead of "liberal" and would like you to elaborate on that point.

    I also wrote a blog entry on my own blog titled "Libertarian, Liberal, Progressive" and would like your analysis and criticism of it.

  7. @Karl I think I could live with that variant. :)

    @Ayn The basic use of the word 'progressive' is this: we're retreating further to the left because too many people calling themselves liberals are sounding more and more conservative every day. Although recently I've been wondering if we should retreat from the 'progressive' label too in order to distance from unprincipled Obama cheerleaders. :P

    @"Mr. Davis": Thanks again for sharing. :)

    @Everyone else: Thanks for reading!

    -- The author of the linked article

  8. Thank you for sharing.

    I just can't bring myself to do it...

    anyway, is it coincidence or intent that there is an Obama ad at the bottom of this article when I view the blog's front page?

  9. Ayn,

    I don't really consider myself either a liberal or a progressive, though I have often noted how the politicians supported by those who do identify with those terms don't live up to the values that ostensibly represent.


    It's not my intent to show Obama ads; I don't even see them as I access the site from outside the US. I'll play around with Google's settings to see if I can stop them from showing up.

  10. zilcho6:51 PM

    Amazing blog title. Absolutely amazing. I couldn't recall charles davis but could recall "false dichotomy" to google it.

    I never get those obama ads you all speak of. I don't live in the land of the free. I hope they're at least funny, for y'all sakes.