Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can somebody ask Robert Gibbs why he's lying?

Though there is rampant speculation, there is absolutely no evidence Iran has a nuclear weapons program, as I've noted ad nauseam. Yet this hasn't stopped the Obama administration from repeatedly claiming Iran is actively pursuing nukes, just another example of Hope and Change morphing into More Of The Same.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, White House Press Secretary again distorted the intelligence about Iran's nuclear program -- or more accurately, simply ignored it. And yet again, no reporter called him on it.

Asked whether the White House considers the Iranian president "relevant at all" or whether Obama officials are "more concerned about the relationship with the Supreme Leader," Gibbs offered this garbled response:
I think the -- as I've also said in here before, obviously [the Supreme Leader is] the person who is -- who has the authority to make decisions over national security and foreign policy and the primary national interests that we hold, as I've talked about, the nuclear weapons program and the support and sponsorship of terror are things that are directly under his purview.
It's a shame mainstream liberal organizations quit caring about the whole U.S.-government-distorting-intelligence thing soon after Bush left office. That said, their silence speaks volumes.

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