Thursday, September 08, 2011

Pastor Proudhon

"[I]f you've got a clergyperson preaching anarchy, do you really think the police department shouldn't try to send somebody and listen and see if they're trying to foment a riot? You can't wait till the riot's on the streets." 

-- New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Update: Turns out that, according to The New York Times, there at least used to be "Sunday Schools That Teach Children Anarchy" (exclamation point implied).


  1. The pic looks disturbingly like an anarchist klansman. And can anything but inane drivel issue from Bloomberg's pie-hole?

  2. I thought it looked like a non-Muslim penis. Nothing to profile there.

    All kinds of creepy quotes in that article.

  3. Todd,

    If you click on the picture, I believe you'll find that it is actually Anarchy Carpet Man.

  4. Oh Tarzie8:55 AM

    Wow. Thank you for introducing us to Anarchy Carpet Man. I LOVE HIM.

    Bloomberg is an authoritarian prick. Same shit as Giuliani but with MORE drug busts and he wants to monitor your junk food.

    Another triumph of form over substance. The ruling class consensus on this stuff is just amazing.

  5. The title of this post made me think of this.

  6. Anonymous,

    Damn, that picture would have been perfect for this post. Wish I'd found it first.

  7. almostinfamous11:34 PM

    anonymous, much thanks. brought a tear to my eye