Thursday, September 15, 2011

Deep thoughts

blasts fox's corporate bias and deference to power // friends msnbc on facebook

becomes congressman, blames presidential power // becomes president, blames congressional power

mars volta's biggest fan // who's at the drive-in?

says 24-hour cable news is ruining america // is watching 24-hour cable news

fiercely proud of white culture // thinks shakespeare's 'gay'

food is too hot // keeps eating

bored all the time // bores all the time

impeach bush // reelect obama

fears homosexual agenda, bashes queers // well gee, i wonder

finds porn degrading // watches porn because of it

hates annoying upper-class hipsters // is annoying upper-class hipster

loathes preachy evangelicals // is vegan

2.3 million prisoners, none of them presidents // 'with liberty and justice for all'

wishes there were more real world activism // RT if you agree

opposes western imperialism // next adolf hitler

commits crimes against humanity // well it depends


  1. Brilliant...

    Favorite part: 2.3 million prisoners, none of them presidents

    I'm thinking that would make a fine tattoo across my back.

  2. Cuneyt,
    If she would moan Obama platitudes during I would pay to see that leaked sex tape!!!

  3. Vomits a little in mouth, after reading the Maddow sex comments.

  4. Anonymous10:44 AM


  5. Don't judge me, damn it!