Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our Road Warrior world

Victor Davis Hanson protects his peaches.
Conservative author and big-time war-enthusiast-from-afar Victor Davis Hanson, like a lot of pasty, self-styled masculine archetypes of a certain age, is preparing for the end of the world -- and he wants you to know about, for how else would everyone know how much of an alpha male he is in our fallen age of metrosexuality and womyn's rights.

Spurred in part by a passer-by trying to get all up on his fruit ("[He tried to] steal the peaches from my trees; he honestly thought not only that he could, but that he almost was obligated to."), Hanson has come to believe that society is collapsing around him. The blame for this, for the "ubiquity of tattooed, skin-pierced tribal people with shaved heads and strange clothes," says Hanson, of course lies with the obvious, most influential segments of society: poor people and immigrants, and especially poor immigrants. But let's also not forget the "whiny, pampered, influential elite on the coast," Handson reminds us -- and you know the type, the self-parodying sort that rather than Man Up take to the Internet to complain about some meanie picking their Prunus persicas.

This terrifying new reality that Hanson describes, one where people think they can just go around enjoying the earth's blessings willy-nilly without so much as a hint of respect for some old white asshole's claim to monopoly privilege, requires preparation -- a new code by which to live. Have you seen The Walking Dead? Think that, but instead of zombies there's Obamacare. And our leader is a contributor to the National Review:
I find myself insidiously adopting the Road Warrior survival code. Without any systematic design, I notice that in the last two years I have put a hand pump on my grandfather’s abandoned well in the yard and can pump fresh water without electricity. I put in an outdoor kitchen, tied into a 300-gallon propane tank, that can fuel a year of cooking. I am getting more dogs (all vaccinated and caged); for the first time in my life I inventoried all my ancestors’ guns in all the closets and found shotguns, deer rifles, .22s etc.

I have an extra used pickup I chose not to sell always gassed in the garage. For all sorts of scrapes and minor injuries, sprains, simple finger fractures, etc., I self-treat — anything to avoid going into the local emergency room (reader, you will too, when Obamacare kicks in). And the more I talk to neighbors, the more I notice that those who stayed around are sort of ready for our Road Warrior world.
As a white dude, let me be the first to say: fucking white people.


  1. ErgoDan7:43 AM

    I always get a laugh out of the self-styled, rugged individualistic, keyboard commando; and, especially their fantasy of holding off the marauding hordes.

    Let's get real shall we. In any such scenario, the "marauding hordes" are apt to be experienced, well armed groups led by ex-military people. (You know, the type that VDH so worships.) And while these "Rambos" are merrily firing a few rounds over the heads of the interlopers, a couple of well-placed snipers will put a few rounds through theirs.

    Sigh, Americans - they know everything, yet learn nothing.

  2. Good stuff as usual Charles. I guess not every white guy gets to live in Nicaragua like we do where stealing/taking fruit because you can't possibly eat all the fruit on the trees and your kids are hungry is an accepted notion! I came to the conclusion a while ago that it must be pretty important to them if they want to hassle the fences, dogs, getting caught, etc. just to take some fruit which if not free, almost feels like it is...

  3. Victor Davis Hanson? I heard he was dead...

  4. Not that I'm any fan of Obamacare, but seriously. Does this pious fuck even know how many people out there already avoid doctors (except in life or death situations) because we can't afford the necessary fees?

    I suppose the following scenario is too much to ask: he accidentally gives himself gangrene or tetanus from a minor flesh wound (after winging himself in the foot), and then expires quietly in his underground bunker-- all because his sacred principles kept him from meeting Obama's evol Commie physicians on their own home turf. (I'm guessing his prose would only improve as the disease took its toll. Or at least it would slow down.)


  5. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Don't tell the dude that half the preppers out there, who raise their own chickens and vegetables, and the whole deal, are lefty hippies, joyful happy loving wonderful people to be around,almost certainly far better company than the conservaparanoids. The poor dude will get a heart attack.

  6. WhAT a distortion of what Hansen said. To make his article some kind of racial hatred is nothing but a despicable attempt to smear someone you disagree politically.