Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ice cream and military recruiters

Local governments around the United States are fingerprinting people who drive ice cream trucks for no good reason (they think they're perverts), which I wrote about for VICE.

Military recruiters are also dishonest creeps who have data on millions of Americans, which I also wrote about for VICE.

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  1. To be fair, people who drive ice cream trucks for no good reason probably should be fingerprinted.

    The title of this post reminded me of how the Reagan administration enforced the draft registration that Reagan had said he's repeal when running for office. There is or was a chain of old-ee time-ee ice cream parlors called Farrell's, at which you could sign up for a free ice cream sundae on your birthday (as I did on my 11th, I think). Some people naturally signed up under several different false names and soon after they turned 18 they started getting threatening letters from Selective Service, which had acquired Farrell's list without Farrell's knowledge.