Saturday, March 22, 2014

Don't be a dick

I wrote about the concept of "microaggression" for VICE, where I now have an archive and where I never read the comments.


  1. how do you feel about VICE exactly? i.e.

    skimming this article you seem to be bringing some modicum of sense to the magazine but really, you can probably do better (like with a yet-to-exist First Look magazine, maybe hit up Taibbi?)

    1. Compliment accepted. I will defend no publication that publishes my work, but I will say that I feel better preaching to apolitical douchebags than to the usual far-left choir.

  2. Smugly Superior Charlie's Scrotum1:58 PM

    Look at Tarzie go.

    "Oh. Me? No, I'm Charles Davis. I'm not the person who snarks like a wrist-flopper under the handle Tarzie. No, we just write the exact same way with the exact same likes/dislikes and the exact same uber-femme perspective that thinks it's holistic, wise, and superior to everyone who isn't a metrosexual cock-muncher like we are. Both of us. Or one of us. Your choice. Call me Tarzie though, because that's how I mis-pronounced my first name as a lisping, neo-gay youngster."

  3. Smugly Superior Charlie's Scrotum2:01 PM

    Also, as a thimble-dicked person with an inverted ego, Tarzie, you'd know all about the problem of a micro sized anything.