Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Otha fish


  1. notimetobebanned7:54 AM

    With your sense of decency and conventional conformist prudery, plus the street cred that asexual, claustrophobic hip hop fan bone fides bring, if you could just censor your naively skeptical (not to mention impolite) concern for the current and coming world drone war economic regime, you could probably land a gig on the Daily Show.
    Just get behind the Dems and there'll be no daylight between.

  2. notimetobebanned8:54 AM

    Kudos, for you succeeded in making me a republican. What I thought could never happen.

    The yes means yes sexual more is designed to keep everyone in their cells, more than it is designed to prevent abuse of one person by another. You are now upholding the social order of things along with l'hote. But, now a republican who thinks the only consent is marriage, I automatically win this game.

    I also admire that not one actual thinking liberal, on any issue but sex, can be found who doesn't subscribe to this misogynistic, chivalric denial of agency in women. She needs society to be filled with rules to protect her choices and make sure every choice will be the right choice.

    It's pretty interesting phenom, lefties are necessarily authoritarian feminists. Chomsky has it too, calling porn purely exploitative. Not because all jobs are exploitative if they aren't at the top but because sex is special.


  3. notimetobebanned9:15 AM

    The more I read the more typical you get. You're correct that kinky sex isn't subversive, effectively. But if you had a clue about how repressed and pathetic people are about sex, you'd see it's not the zone to forbid if the other stuff matters.

    And you don't mention it because you're a reflective writer who seeks the truth. But because you too are one of us, the pathetic and repressed sexual phobics who say that this sex is wrong and that because they've been raised to. Feminists are nothing but good little catholic school girls who always believed in the master and always will. What time wasters. Every conflation between lame kinky sex and real rape that you point out in people who excuse rape, you make yourself because you want to flame hysteria about rape in lame kinky sex.

    I'm thinking of crashing a rape group gathering to get them to think about feminism. But I'll probably just wind up upsetting weak minded victims, pointlessly.

    THank god I'm a republican now, at least liberals won't scold me as anything other than a prude.

    1. notimetobebanned11:21 AM

      I'll go even further.
      You and your lefty fraternity of "true lefties", not the sexist a-hole lefties, are absolutely dismissive of women's issues and that's why you focus on prudish shit bourgeois women's horror at being touched, or annoyed, by yucky male sex. You wind up trivializing and indeed ignoring deeper oppressions that can be visited upon women, all the while pretending that you stand up for them.
      Huh, that sounds an awful lot like....Obamacrats!
      Once a liberal, always a liberal.
      Gawd feminism is disgusting.

      Transvaginal probe gets never a mention from your kind. What does? The fact that teens weren't convicted of rape but assault and the judge trumped up the charge to include distribution of child porn, because they sexted images of their crime. And you falsely call it rape because you like that word, because it excites you, as it excites feminists. A thrill up the leg.
      And anybody who questions it, who keeps thinking, in good Stalinist form, is a "pig".

      Hey look, some guy nobody heard of is pretending to stand up for lefty values! Oh, no, Chris Hayes (who?) will ruin us, Lawrence O'Donnell (who are you guys talking about?!) will ruin us! I have to keep watching them, maybe they'll mention Manning. No, oh no, they aren't mentioning him, all the 313,850,000 people who don't know who those guys are will not be uninformed of news of Manning on msnbc because they aren't watching it and don't know what channel it's on! Tragedy.

      After class, Friday night at the bar feminism. I didn't think we could get feminism that aimed one rung higher than sex and the city. But you true lefties have really managed. Kudos.

      The real deelz.

      You know what kind of women have the "problems" that being a woman brings, that you and your frathouse brofties like to pity? Hillary Clinton. So, so hard. Makes me cry.

  4. I am loving this.

  5. "Hey look, some guy nobody heard of is pretending to stand up for lefty values! Oh, no, Chris Hayes (who?) will ruin us, Lawrence O'Donnell (who are you guys talking about?!) will ruin us! I have to keep watching them"

    Hey, I resemble that remark!

  6. I think it's funny that people who divide their time between obsessing on Malcolm Harris and skull-fucking dead libertarians are constantly disparaging critique aimed at cable network news personalities ("Who?"). But then self-awareness really isn't the strong suit here.

  7. notimetobebanned8:39 PM

    The proof will definitely keep piling on. Relying on the sensitivities of activists for specific causes (feminism, gay-ism, anti-rac-ism) is a total hopscotch optimist waste of time. They found their safe little caca groups to huddle with, as partisans do with their party (left or right or whatever).
    Point 1. Manning makes SFpride scared to associate with him. Maximum efficiency. It would cost them ever so little to say something like "he's great", but instead they not only dump him as ambiguous until cleared (as if), but even tar him, before being convicted, mind you, of endangering countless lives. They can't stomach the %1.4 drop off in respectable popularity that praising a demonized human would bring them. See, the feminists don't have a "pride" so they'll never be put in an awkward position. And the blacks just take every criticism of the 1st one of theirs as racism. Not because they really do. But because it's safer to be a piece of shit who never speaks up. It isn't so dangerous to speak up. But it's just even a little bit safer never to.
    That's who you guys pity, when you balance your act with "don't say 'cunt', don't ignore prejudice, don't forget the founding fathers had sex with their slaves, don't be homophobic". People who will always choose self interest over pitying others. What people on whom to spend pity. What people in whom to place hope, of all things.

  8. notimetobebanned8:46 PM

    You definitely got nothing on me with your skepticism. I recently went through a period of trying to move and help people realize their humane potential only to discover that everyone is an appalling coward at heart. And lazy to boot!
    Not only do the refuse to understand what will interfere with their job's fundamental requirement. They plan their lives so that they'll be forced to pick cowardice. So they'll have an excuse.
    I'd wish you all good luck in your effort to enlighten your readers. But it would be hypocritical and phony, since I know you'll have none.