Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gone fishing

Dear fans (the few of you), critics (the many of you) and Mom (I love you!): I'll be in Southern California over the next week in order to witness a couple I know make the greatest mistake of their young lives participate in a beautiful ceremony signifying their commitment to love each other until death do them part -- meaning I will be doing my best to take advantage of an open bar, not blogging about injustice in the world.

I may post inane observations about life and politics on Twitter, though, so feel free to follow me there. Alternatively, I recommend replaying the following music video continuously until I return, or at least until you have the dance moves down.


  1. Did you post this because of the line
    "My ticket's oneway
    I'm out to southern Caliway"?

  2. You seem like a cool guy, running around Washington like Tintin or something, lamBASTing our imperial disease, and liking cool youtube videos. What a renaissance man.