Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What 'legitimate' violence looks like

The video posted below by the invaluable website WikiLeaks might depict a grotesque atrocity being carried out by U.S. forces in Iraq, but it is useful to note that, while certainly abhorrent and something to avoided when possible, that war crime was legitimately sanctioned by our duly-elected representatives in Washington, who as embodiments of the state are deserving of our utmost respect, as we know from reading The Nation. What would be called "murder" with little hesitation if you or I carried out is -- through the miracle of the electoral process -- transmogrified into the mere bureaucratic exercise of the state's legitimate monopoly on the use of violence, meaning that while one may question the wisdom of a murderous policy that has killed thousands upon thousands of innocent Afghan, Iraqi, Pakistani, Yemeni and Somali civilians, one dare not question the legitimacy of the murderers, lest you end up like one of those wild-eyed, seditious Tea Party-types.

On to more important things: you hear that crazy shit Glenn Beck said the other day?


  1. That sure was some CRAZY shit that Glenn Beck said the other day!

    It is of the utmost importance that we as a nation fixate on the monumental speech crimes committed by Glenn Beck instead of the (comparatively) minimal actual crimes---strike that, "humanitarian triumphs"---committed by our duly-elected representatives in Washington.

    I, for one, am shocked, appalled, and outraged that someone like Glenn Beck is out there saying the things he says about our good and respectful state, which is out there legitimately murdering---strike that, "liberating"---the oppressed Iraqis from their oppressive regime.

  2. Um, what does this have to do with Woods returning to the Masters? Regardless, I'm sure this footage will receive the same media scrutiny as the ACORN "pimp" video or "balloon boy" hoax.

  3. By the way, I hope it's clear that I'm not the "nobody" who accused Glenn Greenwald of hating the troops. The last thing I need is Mr. Greenwald posting a 2k word (well-reasoned) article arguing that I'm an asshole whose internet access should be revoked.

  4. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Never criticize Mr Greenwald. He's a former constitutional lawyer, according to him! He's got a fanbase, according to him! His errors in political acumen are part of a 12-dimensional strategy of political chess. Just wait until 2015, Glenn's gonna bust out the REAL Greenwald!

  5. Charles,

    There are substantive, valid criticisms of Greenwald, and then there are those like the one the Media Matters blogger made that he hates our sainted troops and, presumably, motherhood and apple pie.

  6. Anonymous10:03 AM

    There are indeed. Some of us have actually had exchanges with Greenwald in which he pretended to hold the "high road" position but his position was based on non-existent "facts," spun-up disinformation, and mistaken conclusions about how the Fed Govt actually works in America. Some of us have had several such exchanges with Greenwald.

    His least redeeming quality is his steadfast refusal to acknowledge the fully bipartisan nature of the corruption in the Federal Government. Anyone else remember what he urged in the 2008 elections? Anyone else remember his take on Islamic "terrorists" during the past decade, and whether he well over-stated their threat? Anyone?

    I do.