Sunday, May 31, 2009

'The ax in my head is really bumming me out . . . got any Prozac?'

An ad for the anti-depressant Cymbalta that I saw on TV the other night cautioned any would-be consumer not to take the product if suffering from “uncontrolled glaucoma.” This raises the obvious question: If you have freaking uncontrolled glaucoma, don’t you think that might have something to do with any sense of unhappiness you may feel? And might I suggest that -- despite the average American’s propensity to pop prescription happy pills like popcorn -- you talk to your doctor about that whole impending blindness thing first, before asking about your media-induced fears of mood-altering chemical imbalances?

I’m guessing the treatment for glaucoma might also help with any other lingering feelings of malaise. Just a thought.

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