Friday, March 27, 2009

More of the same from the agent of change

Back when he was still a candidate seeking to capitalize on liberal outrage over the Bush administration's raids on medical marijuana facilities and arrests of cancer patients for the sin of smoking pot and inhaling, Barack Obama had this to say:
I would not have the Justice Department prosecuting and raiding medical marijuana users. It's not a good use of our resources.
Asked later in the campaign pointblank whether he would put a stop to the federal raids on voter-approved medical marijuana dispensaries in states like California, Obama declared:
I would because I think our federal agents have better things to do, like catching criminals and preventing terrorism.
And just a few weeks ago, Attorney General Eric Holder said respecting state pot laws was "now American policy", leading the credulous The New York Times to procaim: "Obama Administration to Stop Raids on Medical Marijuana Dispensers".

You know where this is headed . . .
Feds raid S.F. medical marijuana dispensary
The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO—A medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco that gave out free marijuana to poor people is mostly empty after a raid by federal agents.
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents descended on Emmalyn's California Cannabis Clinic Wednesday afternoon.
Agents loaded up several pickup trucks parked outside as they carried out marijuana plants, grow lights and other equipment.
Saying the specific reason for the raid is under court seal, the DEA would only say the dispensary is suspected of violating federal and state law.
Perhaps Obama will really end the federal raids during his second term, when he plans on implementing all those great progressive policies many of his supporters are convinced he believes in. Indeed, maybe he'll end the raids right after he brings the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and ends the use of warrantless spying and rendition.

My suggestion for those hoping for more sane drug laws in the U.S.? Don't hold your breath.


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    totally agree..

    not sure how this policy is any different than ANY other president we've ever had except he thinks its cool to joke about it. lame.

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    Obama Marijuana

    that other link didn't work.. here.